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Why Do You Need A Cover Letter When Applying For Jobs? Answered!

If you are stuck in the job-hunting phase, you must have heard of the importance of cover letters! Such hype led you to question the importance of this piece of paper, doesn’t it?

As a matter of fact, a lot of people debate that these applications are not nearly as significant as the CVs themselves.

And shockingly, many hiring managers are found guilty of not even reading the cover letters at all. No wonder the importance of this piece of paper is questioned. Well, we are glad that you landed on this page.

In this blog, we have uncovered all you need to know about how important cover letters are when applying for jobs.

So, feel free to dive a bit deeper into the topic and get all your answers about the importance of a cover letter.

Let us begin!

Hold On A Minute, What Is A Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a one-page application that is addressed to the hiring manager or the interviewer. It revolves around the applicant’s contact details, the role they are interested in, and more details to back up the information provided in your CV. This is indeed a vital document as it helps the hiring manager know that you are dedicated to getting the job.

So, if you don’t have a cover letter to accompany your CV, get it made right now by any online cover letter writing services. To help you get more insights into the importance of this document, let us take a look at why it is necessary to submit it.

Is A Cover Letter Necessary? Why So?

Do employers still need a cover letter? It is necessary? Yes to both queries! Let us see why, shall we?

It Showcases Your Writing Ability

We all would agree that CVs have strict rules and are confined to choppy statements and bullet points, right? This is where the cover letter comes to the rescue. These letters allow the applicants to showcase their writing abilities by writing more fluently. And, it is no secret that employers like to see how well the candidate can communicate in writing. So, this is how a cover letter puts the right foot forward right from the beginning.

It Lets You Shed Light On Your Strengths

Your CV has a long list of the roles that have served over the years and the important accomplishments you achieved in your most recent positions. However, you simply cannot even think about going beyond one page while writing a CV, can you? Thus, you will be forced to sweep away major details due to the limited space.

However, thanks to the cover letters, these application helps the applicant to explain and highlight the missing experiences from the CV that were worth mentioning. It also helps to showcase the personality of the candidate, which is often more regarded than their qualifications. So, you see cover letters are truly important!

It Displays That You Are Dedicated Enough For The Opportunity

One of the massive issues hiring managers or recruiters suffer from when they are actively searching for a new recruit is the candidate’s inability to offer a cover letter. That is right! Even if the recruiter does not have the time to read the letter, submitting one anyway will prove to them that you are indeed a motivated candidate.

Picture this – a hiring manager is looking at two applicants with similar professional backgrounds. What sets them apart? One provided a brilliant cover letter along with their CV that shed light on why they are the ideal fit for the role. On the contrary, the other person just submitted a CV. Which one would catch the hiring manager’s eye? Our point exactly!

It Makes Up For A CV That Can’t Stand Alone

Granted! Your CV must be efficacious even without a cover letter. However, in case if your resume is not as effective as you wished for it to be, then feel free to write a compelling cover letter to make up for it. After all, there are countless instances where a mind-numbing cover letter – not the CV, instigates an interview call. If you don’t know how to write a captivating CV or cover letter, then instead of writing it yourself, it would be much better if you seek help from any online CV writer.

It Sets Up The Follow-Up

Rather than leaving the next course of action in the recruiter’s hand, it is wiser to use your cover letter to take charge of the follow-up process. While closing your letter, don’t shy away from specifying a time and date on which you will call them for their response. By doing so, you will sophistically free yourself from the never-ending waiting game. Thus, helping yourself move on to another job position or with an interview.

  • Is a cover letter more significant than a CV?

CVs have long been declared as the go-to document in the hiring process. However, cover letters also play a massive role. More than 83 per cent of hiring managers consider cover letters as they help to explain the candidate’s enthusiasm to join their company.

  • Is it fine to apply for a job position without a cover letter?

If the job description does not mention that cover letters are necessary, then you can consider ditching these documents. However, we suggest you take these letters as an opportunity to highlight in detail what sets you apart from other applicants. In our opinion, submitting a cover letter along with your CV will make your application more worthy. 

  • Are cover letters necessary in 2024?

If the job posting mentions to include a cover letter, then you have to submit it at any cost, or else you will be disqualified. However, if it is not a part of the mentioned job posting, then including a cover letter is still a perfect way to distinguish yourself from other candidates. There is one thing that you must consider! That is a cover letter will only help you if it is well-written and edited to perfection.

  • What are common mistakes people commit when writing a cover letter?

Here is a list of mistakes that often people commit while working on a cover letter:

  1. Not following instructions
  2. Discussing why they are looking for a new position
  3. Using the wrong format
  4. Writing without first researching the company and position
  5. Using the same cover letter for every application
  6. Discussing irrelevant work experience or a lack of experience, etc.

Summing It All Up!

And that is all! By reading the information provided above, we are sure that you are aware of the significance of cover letters. Although these are only supporting documents, however, they can make or break your chances of getting a job. Even if your recruiter does not read the letter, they will know that you put in extra effort to get the job. That will be a plus point. Moreover, if they shortlist you for the job, then a cover letter will be the perfect way to tell them why you are the perfect candidate for the position. So, all in all, cover letters are an essential part of a CV, so start writing one if you haven’t yet.

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