Qualities of Managers

Qualities of Managers Who Practice Inspiring Leadership

Do you remember your first job’s manager – Ava Davies? What an inspiration she was. And, surely, you do remember your current manager, Natalie Fernsby. What a nightmare she is! Have you ever thought about what made both of these managers different?

Their level of snarkiness that is for sure! Apart from that, silly! When you think about all the managers you have come across in your life, are there any that you regard as an inspiration? Chances are there might be a few!

All too often, these managers are normal people just like us. However, due to their responsibilities, they get caught up in the ruthless aspects of their jobs. As a result, they tend to ignore the significance of inspirational leadership.

Well, the good news is that a great manager can always learn to be an inspiration. Really? Yes, silly, and in this blog, we will tell you all about it.

So, get your reading glasses, and read below to unveil the key qualities that one has to focus on in order to become more of an inspiration and less of a pain in the neck!


If you have ever got yourself a CV made by experts, you will know that a lot of CV Writers in Wellington jot down “passionate” as your soft skill. Have you ever wondered why this quality is praised much in the corporate sector? Let us tell you! 

A passionate candidate is driven by the work they do, and trust us! It shows. Such employees are extremely eager and naturally motivated to work every single day, and this can have a positive influence on those around them. To put it simply, passion is the fuel for excellence. Thus, a passionate leader instil resilience in their team.


Have you ever bumped into a boss who seemed as if they were trying to be someone they are not? If yes, then you probably did not find them to be an inspiration, did you? Nu-uh! On the contrary, the leaders who show authenticity at all times allow people to connect with them. Such leaders are very open about themselves; they do not shy away from sharing their challenges and goals for the future. There is no hypocrisy in them, which generates an extra level of respect from their employees.

Leaders who pretend to be someone they are not often do their level best to disguise their flaws. However, an inspirational leader is genuinely proud of who they are. This is why the values of an authoritative leader keep changing, while an inspirational leader always acts the same.


There are numerous reasons why a lot of leaders struggle to motivate their employees. However, their lack of approachability might be the major obstacle. So, if you are one of those managers who try to achieve goals by evoking negative emotions and fear in your employees, this has to stop! Nothing about this is inspirational at all; rather, it might take a serious toll on your subordinates’ mental well-being.

If you want to become an inspiration, you have to take on an entirely different approach. You have to understand that the environment you create in your workplace will have a direct impact on how your subordinates see themselves as well as their responsibilities. Try to create a positive environment and motivate your employees to come to you for assistance, advice, or any resolution of a conflict. By doing so, there will be no stopping you from becoming the guiding light.

Active Listening

Have you ever been shushed by your manager? So, you know how that feels, right? Oh, how you feel your blood reaching its boiling point! While a lot of people think that speaking well comes under the qualities of an inspiring leader, we think not! Okay, that was a little exaggeration.

Speaking well and listening actively both contribute to the qualities of a motivational leader. Tell us now, silly, how would you know what your subordinates want if you do not listen to them? You haven’t thought about it, have you? Well, we do not blame you!

But now that you know about this, the next time someone comes up to you, instead of bossing them around, we urge you to allow them to voice their thoughts. Do not dismiss your staff as unimportant. Rather, take in their ideas and think about them. When people notice you actually take an interest in what they have to say, they become more inspired to follow.


Are you a firm believer in being one-person teams? This is the issue, then! Mentors who are walking inspirations help their teammates move up the ladder more easily and faster rather than climbing all alone.

For instance, you offer CV writing services. Instead of explaining to your team of Executive CV writer how things need to be done, the more appropriate way is to walk the walk yourself. By doing so, you will offer excellent learning opportunities to your teammates, and they will have a clear direction and vision to follow. Got the point?

  • What are the major qualities of an inspirational leader?

Inspirational leaders are committed to a vision and are passionate. They encourage their teammates to be just as committed as they are. It means that they evoke a sense of passion in others. These were some of the many qualities of an inspirational leader.

  • What makes a manager an inspiration?

For a manager to become an inspiration, they have to align their values with initiatives that boost enthusiasm and passion in their employees. The motivation such managers offer makes their employees act in a way that promotes organisational and personal growth and development.

  • How can a manager become inspiring?

Managers can become an inspiration and learn from achievements as well as failures by encouraging innovation. They must empower their team to make their own decisions rather than expecting their teams to follow their orders. Most importantly, an inspiring leader does not micromanage people at all. Rather, they encourage new ideas and approaches and assist their teams in implementing them.

  • Who are the most inspiring leaders in the history?

There have been many inspirational leaders in history, such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. These leaders have made mould-breaking strides for humanity by leading their teams in back-breaking times with humility and poise. They became an example to show us how powerful and inspirational leadership can alter the entire dynamics.

Wrapping It All Up!

So, these are the qualities one needs to possess in order to become an inspiring leader. Well, Natalie Fernsby, if you read this blog by chance, make sure to incorporate these key skills in your personality. We have been getting a lot of complaints from your subordinates; this is why we tailored this blog! With these tips, make yourself an inspiration, and we assure you that you will see a positive result in the workforce in no time. After all, people tend to work better under an inspiring leader, don’t they?

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