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6 Proven Tips To Help You Stay Calm During An Interview

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring….

For a moment, you thought you had a buzzing bee trapped in a box beneath your pillow. Upon further inspection, you wake up to your phone buzzing beside you. Goodness, gracious! Who could be calling you at such an early hour?

After contemplating leaving your phone unanswered, you finally attend to it the third time it rings, only to speak to the HR of your dream place. Oh, my stars and garters!

While you are finding ways to contain your excitement, your hiring manager is inviting you for an interview for the job you have always wanted. Today is your day, chum!

As the call ends, all your excitement vanishes, and you break into a sweat. Your heart is pounding so loud. You start questioning yourself: what will you be asked during the interview? How should you answer? What will you wear? And the list of stressful queries continues to go on…

Woah! Hold up, dum-dum. Instead of panicking, you have to stay calm in order to get that position. We understand that interviews can be extremely stressful, and it is normal to feel anxious. However, letting your nerves get the best of you and panicking might jeopardize your chances of getting that job.

So, to avoid this from happening, we have listed some expert ways for you to stay calm during your interview. Read below to find out!

Smart Tips To Overcome Your Interview Anxiety

Plan And Visualize

Prior to your interview, think about how you would ideally want to introduce yourself to your hiring manager, and then visualize doing so. Deliberate about how you want yourself to come across to your interviewer and plan everything in advance. By doing so, you will be able to prepare yourself better. Moreover, it is also a nice idea to have your vitae written by any reputable CV writers NZ. This expert help will increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Rehearse Your Answers

While you plan and visualize your interview, memorizing your answers word-by-word is not recommended. However, we encourage you to outline the points you want to make or any message that you wish to convey. But do not memorize exact answers, or you will panic if you do not remember the answer precisely how you memorized it.

Take A Deep Breath

Ah! We cannot emphasize the importance of taking deep breaths. By this, we do not suggest that you breathe hysterically in front of your interviewer – do that only if you want to scare them away. An interview might be a stressful situation.

So, whenever your hiring manager asks you a question, take a composed deep breath, and in the meantime, think about the right answer to that question. By doing so, you will slow down your pounding heart and get enough time to think about a thoughtful and intentional response.

Arrive Early And Chill Out

Before your interview, it is crucial that you prepare beforehand so that you can control any outside issues. For instance, think about where the interview is, whether there will be traffic on the way, what documents you need to bring, etc.

If you are stressed about any problem, you can always contact your HR and ask them politely. Trust us. They will answer all your queries with a smile on their faces. Moreover, keep in mind that it is always a nice idea to go over budget when it comes to time and arrive at your destination early, rather than under budget and arrive late and stressed.

Keep In Mind That There Are Other Jobs Out There

Another great tip is not to put too much pressure on yourself. It would be understandable if this were the only job you get to give an interview for – but luckily, it is not. So, keep in mind that if you don’t get this job, there are plenty of other options, too.

Thinking this way will help you take much of the burden off of your shoulders and eventually calm your interview nerves. Furthermore, having a great cover letter will also increase your chances of getting a job. So, take help from any cover letter writing service provider and take a chill pill regarding this issue.

Think Of The Interview As A Conversation

Lastly, it is always a nice idea to keep yourself composed during your job interview and think of it as a normal conversation between two people. We do agree it might be difficult to do so, but it is a proven way to help you calm down your interview stress. Furthermore, many times, the interviewers are nervous about the interview, too. So, if you walk in with a smile, it will put your interviewer at ease, which will help put you at ease, too. How convenient.


How can I stay calm during my job interview?

To help you stay calm during an interview, here is a list of things that you can do:

  1. Prepare properly
  2. Steer clear of rushing and arrive early
  3. Use confident body language, and do not fidget
  4. Rehearse and visualize the entire interview in advance
  5. Take deep breaths to relax your mind
  6. Remember, this is not the only job that you can get, etc.

Why do I get nervous during interviews?

A lot of people get nervous during interviews. A major reason behind this nervousness is the fear of being unprepared for questions. To shoo this anxiety away, it is always a nice idea to research the industry and organization before going to the interview. Make sure to visit the company’s page to get familiar with their goals, accomplishments, and values.

Do interviewers care if you’re nervous?

Bear in mind that it is completely normal to get stressed before or during an interview. Thus, it is not best to link messing up or failing to your stress. It is a perfectly normal response as your mind prepares itself for a challenge. Interviewers expect interviewers to be nervous. However, there are many ways to lessen the symptoms and look confident.

What is the fear of interviews called?

Interview anxiety is the feeling of fear, stress, or nervousness that many people experience during, before, or even after a job interview. It happens because your body recognizes this opportunity as a threat and, thus, releases stress hormones (norepinephrine, cortisol, and adrenaline) in order to protect you.

Summing It All Up!

All in all, while it is normal to become stressed before an interview, remind yourself that you are not battling a dragon or jumping out of a helicopter. Rather, you are only facing one, maybe two people max. So, have a nice conversation with them about your career without breaking into a sweat. With the tips and tricks mentioned above, you are all set to hit the target by acing your interviews. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing right now because you already got the call for the interview in your dream place. We wish you the best of luck.

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